Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (ADL) WebNet

Houston/Austin (“Southwest”) – Southern Texas

Southern Texas
4635 Southwest Freeway, # 400; Houston, TX 77027 (713) 627-3490
AUSTIN COMMUNITY OFFICE 11940 Jollyville Road (Suite 309); Austin, TX 78759 ( (512) 735-8012
Regional Director Martin B. Cominsky
Scott J. Atlas, Regional Board Chair
Associate Director Dena Marks
Associate Director and Director of Education Susan Shaw
Education Committee co-chair Kathy Berkman
Education Committee co-chair Emily Deakins, Spectra Energy’s Manager of Diversity, EEO, and Compliance
Nicole Gibson, co-chair
Rohby Mitchell
Heath Martin, teacher and former Walter Kase Teacher Excellence Award recipient
Austin Council Chair Steve Adler
Eugene Sepulveda
Shelley Zausmer
ADL Austin staff
Karen Gross, Austin Community Director of the ADL
State Representative and ADL Board Member Scott Hochberg
Honorary ADL Board Member Walter Kase
Assistant Project Director Pam Autio
trained facilitators Heath Martin, Amanda Gorner, and Luke McKibben
Advisory board members include early childhood experts, parents of young children, and ADL lay leaders and funders of the program. They are: Board Chair Gloria Fishman, Aaron Carrara, Mindy May, Marcela Clark, Amanda Gorner, Deborah Harris, Kathy Berkman, Linda May, Janet Pozmantier, Rochelle Jacobson, Emily Deakins, Shawna and John Shelor, Karen Susman and Erica Levit.
The Edith and Sidney Goldensohn Fund of the ADL Fund for the Future of the Southwest Region.
ADL lay leaders Kathy Berkman and Emily Deakins, who chair the Southwest Region’s Education Committee, Board Vice Chair Linda Buchman, Board Vice Chair Jerry Axelrod, Dr. Bruce Edison and his wife, Reva, and other ADL staff were trained to facilitate the new program.
former ADL Austin Director Lisa Benjamin Goodgame becoming Director of the Austin Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC).
“I’m lucky to be following skilled professionals like Lisa Goodgame, Roberta Clark, and Alan Potash, who somehow managed to juggle the responsibilities of both ADL and the JCAA throughout their tenures, and I’ll be building on the strong base they built in Austin along with our excellent staff, and many talented and supportive lay leaders.”
ADL No Place for Hate® Austin Coordinator and Austin Education Committee Co-Chairs Judy Berkowitz and Sherrie Frachtman

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